new engineer

New engineer at the office

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We were very happy to welcome our new engineer Kristian Bertelsen to the team last Monday. Kristian’s background is a bit different from our other engineers. He completed his Master’s in civil engineering from the Technical University of …

job satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

Sandra Myrtue Values

Job Satisfaction We are committed to create a challenging and an inspiring work environment with emphasis on the individual – including skills, level of ambition and job satisfaction. It is no secret, that happy workers …

office furniture redecorating

Redecorating the office

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These days the office is in a bit of chaos. It is, however, on purpose – we are redecorating. We needed to make room for newcomers, and while we were at it, decided to give …

Project management

Project management seminar

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One of our engineers recently completed a course on project management provided by the Danish engineering union IDA. The aim of the course was to let the participants get familiar with the basic tools for successfully completing a project, with …

Danish way of doing business

Danish Way of doing Business

Sandra Myrtue Values

Danish Way of doing Business In our work with international clients, collaborators and employees, we strive to maintain a Danish managing principle which is governed by independence and responsibility. We believe that freedom under responsibility …

easter lunch engineering quiz

Easter Engineering Lunch

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Easter lunch, or “Påskefrokost” as it is called in Danish, is an old tradition centered around plenty of food and drinks. On Friday the office gathered with “smørrebrød” (open-faced sandwiches) and other Danish classics and …



Sandra Myrtue Values

Innovation We commit ourselves to innovative thinking in all aspects of our business. Our engineers and designers don’t settle for “things as usual” but always try to meet a project head-on with new ideas and solutions. We often …