Danish way of doing business

Meet the Company: Danish Way of doing Business

Sandra Myrtue Values

Danish Way of doing Business In our work with international clients, collaborators and employees, we strive to maintain a Danish managing principle which is governed by independence and responsibility. We believe that freedom under responsibility …

easter lunch engineering quiz

Easter Engineering Lunch

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Easter lunch, or “Påskefrokost” as it is called in Danish, is an old tradition centered around plenty of food and drinks. On Friday the office gathered with “smørrebrød” (open-faced sandwiches) and other Danish classics and …



Sandra Myrtue Values

Innovation We commit ourselves to innovative thinking in all aspects of our business. Our engineers and designers don’t settle for “things as usual” but always try to meet a project head-on with new ideas and solutions. We often …

krabbenhøft & ingolfsson proactivity

Meet the company: Proactivity

Sandra Myrtue Values

Proactivity We act instead of reacting. We are committed to use our expertise to fully acknowledge our role in each project and through active involvement  we strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. …

krabbenhøft & ingolfsson office

Welcome to our office

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Today we had some beautiful new signs installed on the door to our office here in Nørrebro. As you might already know, Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson is part of a large corporate group, and a few …

Bygningsingeniør – nyt job!

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Er du bygningsingeniør, og søger du nye udfordringer? Så er det måske dig, vi står og mangler. Vi søger en kandidat, der først og fremmest er proaktiv, kvalitetsbevidst og klar til frihed under ansvar. Vi har …