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OptumCE is a sister company to Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson, which is devoted to the development of state-of-the-art computational software. Our flagship, OptumG3, is a design and analysis tool for simulating stresses and flows in 2D geotechnical structures, and includes Limit Analysis computations for determining bearing capacities, as well as more classical elasto-plastic computation for establishing e.g. full load-displacement relationships. OptumG3 is the result of many years of development in geotechnical engineering.

The software package offers a streamline solution within geotechnical constructions. The program determines the design parameters through computational procedures also known as the finite element method.

Optum is derived from a formula where the proximity of high and low in optimal spread is precise and reliable. This saves months of iterations and model simulations when the refraction point needs to be calculated. The effects on dimensioning of traditional or complex foundations is provided by a complete visual prototype in 2D to evaluate and validate the effect between the soil and constructions.

The unique and extremely robust computational core is based on mathematical optimization and is packaged in an intuitive, user friendly graphical user interface that makes the package very accessible, even for non-geotechnical experts. OptumG3 is featured as one of the groundbreaking geotechnical softwares on the market due to its simplicity in 2D dimensioning, little-to-no downtime on analysis and flexible modelling.

Optum G3 by Optum CE
optum g2
optum g2


For information about the software and free trial versions visit OptumCE.com or contact:

Rasmus Brøndum - Abaqus reseller

Jørgen Krabbenhøft

+45 30 11 63 55