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The SIMULIA software suite from Dassault Systèmes offers a range of powerful tools for simulation of product performance and design optimization, making it market leading in solutions for realistic engineering. The SIMULIA portfolio offers cutting-edge technology in finite element analysis (Abaqus), topology, shape, bead and sizing optimization (Tosca), fatigue analysis (fe-safe) as well as simulation automation and parametric optimization (Isight).

All these simulation tools can be accessed using the same type of tokens with SIMULIA Extended Tokens. This offers a both flexible and cost-efficient solution for advanced simulation.


simulia abaqus


The Abaqus FEA software suite covers a vast spectrum of industrial applications by offering potent and complete solutions for both routine and complex engineering problems.

Industry leading companies are utilizing Abaqus Unified FEA to unify their processes and tools in a cost-effective way while at the same time gaining a competitive advantage.

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simulia tosca


Tosca utilizes state-of-the-art technology for quick and dependable design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems. Tosca makes it possible to obtain optimal design proposals already during the concept stage of the design. Making precise detail improvements through either shape or bead optimization makes preparing the design for production straightforward and rapid.

simulia fe-safe


Fe-safe is a top-of-the-market program for fatique analysis of Finite Element models. The software is renowned for being both simple, accurate and interfaces directly to all leading FEA suites. Fe-safe is used worldwide by leading companies within transport and mobility, aerospace and defense, general manufacturing, power generation, marine and offshore industries to determine fatique life and optimize designs.

simulia isight


Isight and the SIMULIA Execution Engine (formerly Fiper) are used to combine multiple cross-disciplinary models and applications together in a simulation process flow, automate their execution across distributed compute resources, explore the resulting design space, and identify the optimal design parameters subject to required constraints.


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