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Abaqus  is a software suite from Simulia, Dassault Systemes for finite element analysis and computer-aided engineering. Not only is Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson a certified reseller of this product, we also utilize the software for many of our projects. Our engineers are highly skilled in calculations involving static as well as dynamic components with Abaqus.

Abaqus delivers accurate, robust, high-performance solutions for challenging nonlinear problems, large-scale linear dynamics applications and routine design simulations. Its unmatched integration of implicit and explicit FEA capabilities enables you to use the results of one simulation directly in a subsequent analysis to capture the effects of prior history, such as manufacturing processes on product performance.

abaqus engineering software



A powerful tool for realistic simulations. Abaqus/CAE stands for Complete Analysis Environment and constitutes the user interface GUI. Abaqus/CAE includes both pre- and post- processing, with advanced features available, such as element type selection, meshing tools, contact and constraints, material parametres etc.

  Abaqus FEA Brochure
  Abaqus CAE Datasheet


Abaqus/Standard employs solution technology ideal for static and low-speed dynamic events where highly accurate stress solutions are critically important. With Abaqus/Standard it is possible to create analyses such as, static stress/displacement, frequency analysis, thermo analysis, linear pertubation, nonlinear geometric/material analysis, etc.

  Abaqus/Standard  Datasheet


Abaqus/Explicit is designed for production environments, so ease of use, reliability, and efficiency are key ingredients in its architecture. As Abaqus originates from the explicit world of physics, the software is guaranteed to best in class within the field. With Abaqus/explicit it is possible to conduct, crash, droptest, dynamics, deepdrawing processes, etc.

  Abaqus/Explicit Datasheet


Advanced computational fluid dynamics with pre/ postprocessing in Abaqus/CAE. These simulation capabilities address a broad range of nonlinear coupled fluid-thermal and fluid-structural problems. With the multiphysics capabilities in Abaqus, it is possible to couple CFD with results from any other analysis type.

  Abaqus/CFD Datasheet



With the composite modeler build in the CAE invironment, Abaqus makes it possible to model advanced ply lay-ups in complex models and geometries. Including several failure citeria formulations, such as Hashin and Tsai-Wu.

Fracture Mechanics

Included in Abaqus/CAE are advanced fracture mechanic features, that will allow the user to model crack propagation in static a static load cas and during low cycle fatigue. Both the Virtuel Crack Closure Techniqe and XFEM method are available, which are mesh- dependend and independend methods respectively.