Bridges footbridge

Bridge engineering is a discipline that combines traditional structural engineering with specialized topics such as structural dynamics, wind engineering and general health monitoring. At Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson, we have participated in several bridge engineering projects and our services extent beyond the traditional structural design.

We particularly enjoy participating in design competitions for footbridges, which has become a playground for architects and engineers, where new high-strength materials and innovative structural systems are frequently employed. In fact, modern footbridges are often characterized by much longer and lighter spans than any other structural engineering discipline. We engage proactively in the design and we enjoy the creative interaction with the architects and contractors where various possibilities are explored and the identity of the bridge is born.

We are also strongly engaged in the structural dynamic aspect of bridge engineering. As the structures become longer and lighter, their susceptibility to vibrations from dynamic loads increases. Specifically the effects of dynamic wind loads and dynamic loads from pedestrians has increasingly become an important part of the bridge design. Following several years of intensive research and more than a dozen scientific publications, Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson possesses the cutting edge knowledge on the design and dynamic behaviour of footbridges.

We provide the full range of solution for structural health monitoring of bridges. This includes the design and supply of tailor hardware and software, whether it is for measuring displacement, acceleration, inclination or other physical quantities.

Our services include:

  • Preliminary design for tender or competitions
  • Conceptual studies
  • Detail design of superstructure
  • Foundation design
  • Design of movable bridge (rotating, lifting and bascule)
  • Design for dynamic wind loads
  • Evaluation of pedestrian-induced vibrations
  • Design and supply of structural health monitoring system
  • Design and supply of tuned mass dampers (TMD) and/or tuned liquid dampers (TLD)
  • Fatigue assessment and life-time assessment of bridges
  • Finite element modelling of critical joints and details