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Detailed analysis of structural steel

At K&I we have successfully carried out simulations on projects involving structural steel design, according to the Eurocode on various other structures. Often the procedures outlined in standardized design methods are generalized and therefore not able to effectively represent detail not specifically covered by the code. An overly conservative design can often lead to increased manufacturing costs, especially in high volume projects. By conducting FE analysis, it is possible to analyze a problem for the specific properties associated to it and thereby to provide a more efficient steel design for our clients.

On several occasions it has not even been possible to document sufficient capacity of structural details using conventional analytical methods, but utilizing the FEA method enables our engineers to do so.

Further to the above-mentioned advantages, the FEA method provides additional variables to use when reviewing the structural behavior in the ultimate limit state. Stain is often a useful measure for how a structure performs during a failure event, whether it being accidental or environmental, which the analytical methods does not provide. Additionally, simulation gives a much more realistic measure of the stresses in the structure, especially in complex geometries.

With our profound in-house skills in Eurocode steel design, and state of the art simulation software, we believe that K&I delivers efficient and reliable steel design to our costumers.


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simulations FEA Finite element analysis

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simulations FEA Finite element analysis

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simulations FEA Finite element analysis

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simulations FEA Finite element analysis


simulations FEA Finite element analysis